Sunday, 3rd September 2017

World News

Did Gay Sex Cause Hurricane Harvey or Was it Climate Change? Some On the Right Blame LGBT Americans (No Seriously) (Newsweek Magazine)

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Myanmar, Princess Mako: Your Monday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: One wing 'lost' in violent riot at HMP Birmingham as armed police scrambled (Daily Express)

Mattis says 'total annihilation of North Korea' possible (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Rioters 'take over wing' at HMP Birmingham as police scrambled to jail (Daily Star)

James Mattis to North Korea: Any Threat Will Be Met With Massive Military Response' (Time Magazine)

What’s the Difference Between a Hydrogen Bomb and a Regular Atomic Bomb? (New York Times - Paywall)

Sen. Blunt Says Harvey 'Another Reason to Keep the Government Open' (NBC News)

Patient From Viral Video Of Nurse Being Arrested For Refusing To Draw Blood Turns Out To Be Police Officer (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea nuclear threat: Mattis warns of 'massive military response' (BBC)

The Weekend Brief: North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test, President Trump Visits Harvey Victims, Steely Dan Co-Founder Dies (Time Magazine)

North Korea Says It Tested a Hydrogen Bomb Meant for Missiles (New York Times - Paywall)

US defense secretary warns of 'massive military response' to North Korean nuclear threat (CNN)

Whitechapel tube station closed as police attend fight' (Daily Mail)

As N. Korea Claims H-Bomb Test, Experts Urge Diplomacy (NBC News)

Sec. Mattis on North Korea: 'We Have Many Military Options' (NBC News)

Inside one family's home ravaged by Hurricane Harvey (Daily Mail)

North Korea Nuclear Test Puts Pressure on China and Undercuts Xi (New York Times - Paywall)

UN Security Council calls emergency meeting after North Korea claims successful hydrogen bomb test (Fox News)

NORTH KOREA vs USA: Kim will be met by 'massive military response' if he threatens allies (Daily Express)

Attack North Korea? Well See Says Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Frankfurt Defuses Massive WWII Bomb After Evacuating 60,000 (NBC News)

Brit who died in 'carjacking spree' may have taken LSD (Daily Mail)

Mnuchin: Congress must tie Harvey aid to debt limit (Daily Mail)

The advice President Obama gave President Trump (Daily Mail)

After North Korea Nuclear Test, Trump Saves Harshest Words for South Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation (BBC)

Woman Dies And Two Men Taken To Hospital After Taking Ecstasy, Prompting Police Warning (Huffington Post)

Barnier threatens to 'educate' voters on Brexit decision (Daily Mail)

Brazilian police arrest man suspected of shooting Briton (Daily Mail)

Seismologist's Reaction To North Korea's Nuclear Test Speaks For Most People (Huffington Post)

North Korea's sixth nuclear test was more than a slap in the face to President Trump. It also sent a signal to China (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Proposed $7.85 Billion in Hurricane Harvey Aid, Texas Governor Says Damage Could Climb to $180 Billion (Newsweek Magazine)

Frankfurt Evacuates 60,000 People to Defuse World War II Bomb (New York Times - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn warned not to do a 'grubby deal' over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Emma Crosby and family in search of South Africa's Big 5 (Daily Mail)

Labour threatens 'COMPLETE SH**STORM' if Corbyn agrees deal to limit Brexit bill debate (Daily Express)

Lawmakers Fear Trump's Combative Style Will Lead to Nuclear War with North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Justice Department Confirms There is No Evidence Barack Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower (Time Magazine)

Gang of migrants clash with French riot police in Calais (Daily Mail)

Corbyn's Brexit chief denies the party is in chaos (Daily Mail)

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier Vows To 'Educate' British During Brexit Talks (Huffington Post)

China, Angry at the West, Doesnt See North Korea as Sole Responsibility (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump To Meet With National Security Team Following Very Hostile H-Bomb Test By North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Nuclear N Korea: What do we know? (BBC)

Barack Obama Offers Trump Advice In Inauguration Letter: American Leadership in This World Really is Indispensable' (Time Magazine)

North Korea nuclear test: What is a hydrogen bomb? (Fox News)

SOUTH WEST FLOODED: Cornwalll hit by dramatic flashfloods - 3 injured as car FLIPS on A38 (Daily Express)

Freedom of movement will NOT STOP after Brexit Labour's Kier Starmer warns (Daily Express)

North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success,' 6th nuclear test (Fox News)

Here's How Theresa May Could Really Change The 'Unacceptable Face Of Capitalism' (Huffington Post)

Houston And South Asia May Seem Worlds Apart, But The Challenges Are The Same (Huffington Post)

Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump (CNN)

They've made UK the 'LAUGHING STOCK' of EU' Lefty Owen Jones trashes UK Brexit team stance (Daily Express)

How Hurricane Harvey Inspired Young Volunteers (Time Magazine)

Britain demands ACTION on North Korea over 'unacceptable threat' from Kim (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Calls North Korea Hostile and Dangerous' After Latest Nuclear Test (Time Magazine)

North Korea boasts it has conducted a sixth underground nuclear test (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea: China's 'nightmare neighbour' does it again (BBC)

Donald Trump Turns on China and South Korea After North Korea's Biggest Nuclear Test (Newsweek Magazine)

'The time for talk is OVER' Shock proof North Korea snubbed ALL peace hopes (Daily Star)

George Clooney for President? Hollywood Star Jokes About Succeeding Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Frankfurt bomb evacuation 'biggest in Germany since WWII' (Fox News)

Russia's power play in N Korea aimed at China, US (CNN)

Why Princess Diana Conspiracies Refuse to Die (Time Magazine)

North Korea's Deadly Weapon: What is a Hydrogen Bomb and How Much Damage Could It Do? (Newsweek Magazine)

Claims more than 25 Tory MPs want Theresa May out (Daily Mail)

Suspected militants kill 2 police in attack on Kenyan church (Fox News)

North Korea conducts its most powerful nuclear test ever (Daily Mail)

Richard Chaplow: Why Orange County captain moved to US (BBC)

Theresa May 'Winds Up' Tories By Vowing To Fight The Next Election, Says Ex-No 10 Spin Doctor (Huffington Post)

Italy police nab refugee as last suspect in beach gang rape (Fox News)

'What are they afraid of?' Marr attacks EU Brexit negotiators for 'disdain' towards UK (Daily Express)

Utah nurse's arrest prompts police apology (CNN)

Theresa May defied warning snap Election was a 'huge risk' (Daily Mail)

North Korea nuclear test: Hydrogen bomb 'missile-ready' (BBC)

David Davis: EU Is 'Silly' To Claim There's Been No Brexit Deal Progress (Huffington Post)

They Fled North Korea for a London Suburb but Are Paying a Heavy Price (NBC News)

World War 3: North Korea detonates HYDROGEN BOMB sparking huge EARTHQUAKE - US Japan react (Daily Express)

Trump plans to withdraw from South Korean trade deal (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Retweets Hillary Clinton Jibe After Meeting Hurricane Harvey Victims (Newsweek Magazine)

Why It's So Hard for U.S. Spies to Figure Out North Korea (NBC News)

Spanish police arrest 12 Britons in drug bust in Mallorca (Fox News)

Brexit news: EU refuses to talk about future all they care about is the MONEY, David Davis (Daily Express)

Oman police say cargo ship sinks off coast, 20 sailors saved (Fox News)

North Korea says it test hydrogen bomb (CNN)

BLACK DOG: Flying Fox Liam has his wings clipped by May (Daily Mail)

'Tunnel collapse' at nuclear site may be a clue (BBC)

North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Test: What We Know So Far (Newsweek Magazine)

Miscommunication Is the Biggest Threat in North Korea-U.S. Standoff (NBC News)

Amid Nuclear Tensions, Trump Mulls Exit From South Korea Trade Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea: We can make as many nuclear weapons as we want (CNN)

60,000 evacuating Frankfurt ahead of defusing WWII-era bomb (Fox News)

Theresa May Ignored Advice Against Election, Leaked Memo Reveals (Huffington Post)

North Korea Latest: Earthquake Hits As Country Says It Has Successfully Tested Nuclear Weapon (Huffington Post)

North Korea Says It Tested a Hydrogen Bomb Meant for ICBMs (New York Times - Paywall)

The Papers: Brexit bill, and pro-EU Tory rebels warned (BBC)

Brexit Britain EXCLUDED by Germany and France from IMMIGRATION summit in Paris (Daily Express)

North Korea Just Conducted Its Sixth Nuclear Test, Says South Korea (Time Magazine)

Trumps fly to Texas to meet Hurricane Harvey victims (Daily Mail)

Harvey puts Trump's crisis management skills to the test (BBC)

Quake in North Korea Signals Potential New Nuclear Test (Time Magazine)

Quake in North Korea may have been nuclear test (Fox News)

REVEALED: May's 'desperate bid to keep £50bn EU divorce bill secret' to stop Brexit revolt (Daily Express)

Huge 6.3 magnitude 'explosion' tremor in North Korea sparks nuclear test fears (Daily Express)

North Korea Claims to Have Developed a Missile-Ready Hydrogen Bomb (New York Times - Paywall)

Germany's Merkel: Iran deal a model for solving North Korea problem (Fox News)

Trump returns to Harvey flood zone (CNN)

Trump hails hurricane relief efforts as he visits Texas (BBC)

Elite' North Korean defector may have GONE BACK to live under despot Kim Jong-un (Daily Express)

North Korea 'has missile-ready nuclear weapon' (BBC)

North Korea claims to have hydrogen bomb for long-range missile (Fox News)

North Korea State Media Claims 'More Developed' H-Bomb (NBC News)

Pro-EU Tory rebels MUST back Theresa May's Brexit bill to stop Corbyn, PM aide warns (Daily Express)

Texans dump their ruined belongings after Harvey (Daily Mail)

More Rescues, Some Residents Return After Harvey Devastation (NBC News)

North Korea hits back at missile import claims as Kim Jong-un inspects 'homemade' H-bomb (Daily Express)

US Justice department say 'NO EVIDENCE' Obama wiretapped Trump Tower (Daily Express)

World War 3: Has US smuggled infected' microchips into North Korea's nuclear weapons? (Daily Express)

Croydon cat killer escapes pet detectives by a whisker as police net closes in (Daily Express)

'It will be chaos' Andrew Marr SKEWERS Labour MP for threats to derail Brexit Repeal Bill (Daily Express)

World War 3: Spies reveal Kim Jong-un' secret 8-yr-old boy who will claim tyrant's throne (Daily Express)

BREAKING: North Korea readies HYDROGEN BOMB as Kim Jong-un 'watches its loading into ICBM' (Daily Express)

Brit gets kicks as World No.1 at FootGolf after just 18 months of playing bizarre sport (Daily Star)

Lack of sleep and using tablets before bed may cause ADHD (Daily Mail)

Theresa May 'IGNORED Tory strategist warning' calling snap election a huge risk' (Daily Express)

Trump Visits Hurricane Harvey Victims In Houston, Takes More Active Role Amid Criticism Over Past Visit (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Praises Coastguard With Bizarre Dig At Media (Huffington Post)

Max Hastings: Why nuclear free makes me long for Cold War (Daily Mail)

Farron: Football expensive transfer window due to Brexit (Daily Mail)

Teen's goal boosts Wales' World Cup bid (BBC)

Trump Downsizes Black College Conference, Because At This Point What Does He Have to Lose? (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Returns to Harvey-Hit Region, Promises to Push Aid (NBC News)

Texas Mom Last Seen the Day Before Hurricane Harvey Hit Is Still Missing (Time Magazine)

McCain: Trump is poorly informed, impulsive (CNN)

Harvey Threatens to Tip Working Poor Into Destitution (NBC News)

Cambodian police arrest country's main opposition leader (Fox News)

Eid al-Adha: Muslims Around the World Celebrate Holy Festival (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump visits with Harvey victims, serves food (CNN)

Lenstore test reveals if you're prone to spotting patterns (Daily Mail)

Areas Still 'Dangerous' After Harvey as Death Toll Rises (NBC News)

Frankfurt hospitals evacuated before WW2 bomb disposal (BBC)

Bodies in river may be missing Thai students (CNN)

Why Donald Trumps NASA Chief Pick Is a Controversial Choice (Newsweek Magazine)

Police and Protesters Clash Over Disappearance of Argentine Activist (New York Times - Paywall)

He Bullied Me.' 2nd Officer Put On Leave After Nurse's Arrest Over Blood Test (Time Magazine)

US Military Launches Massive Hurricane Harvey Operation; Dramatic Rescue Scenes Emerge (Newsweek Magazine)

US, South Korea set to revise missile treaty (CNN)

Video of Police Officer Knocking Down Woman and Child Incenses China (New York Times - Paywall)

2 cities in Germany evacuated before World War II bomb disposals (Fox News)

Donald Trump Agrees South Korea Should Have Bigger Warheads to Face North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Impeach Trump or Else: Top Democrat Pays Price for Urging Patience' With the President (Newsweek Magazine)

Labor Day Weekend 2017: Why You Should Spend the Holiday Bingeing Classic TV Shows (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea 'to be allowed to stockpile more missiles' (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Irma expected to strengthen in Atlantic Ocean this weekend (Fox News)

Why Dean Heller Is the Senate's Most Endangered Republican (NBC News)

Bannon Is Taking on Trump in Alabama, but the Real War Is for the Soul of the Republican Party (Newsweek Magazine)

Activist Linda Sarsour Attacked for Trying to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims (Newsweek Magazine)

Hurricane Harvey: Trump Seeks $7.8B for Flood Victims but Texas Governor Says $125B Needed in His State Alone (Newsweek Magazine)

Like Donald Trump, North Korea Attacks Adverse Media, But Promises Retaliatory Blows (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria may be in ruins, but it looks like Assad 'has won the war militarily' (Los Angeles Times)

UK Brexit Team Mocked By German And French Newspapers (Huffington Post)

Why Neo-Nazi Propaganda Can Be Hard to Spot and Tough to Remove Online (Newsweek Magazine)

Hurricane Irma could be the next disaster (CNN)

Mediterranean Still a 'Cemetery' 2 Years After This Photo Shocked World (NBC News)

In photos: Eid al-Adha celebrations around the world (CNN)

Donald Trump is Right. Pakistan Needs to Stop Supporting Terrorists (Newsweek Magazine)

Wary of North Korea, Japan mulls additional military options (Fox News)

U.S. Locks In More Military Patrols in South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Who Vladimir Putin thinks will rule the world (CNN)

Texans return home to assess Harvey damage (CNN)

Beachy Head gas cloud may have come 'from shipwreck' (Daily Mail)

In Moscow Tower Plan, Trump Paired With Developer for the Working Class (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'X Factor' 2017: Five Reasons Why You Should Still Get Excited About Its Return (Huffington Post)

Trump to Announce 'Dreamer' Decision Tuesday (NBC News)

Russian Consulate Mysteriously Burns Unidentified Objects after Trump Orders It to Close (Newsweek Magazine)

Longtime Trump aide may leave (CNN)

North Korea and the U.S. Are on Brink of Large-Scale Conflict,' Putin Warns (Newsweek Magazine)

Ten Own Goals From The UK's Brexit Position Papers (Huffington Post)

US ban on Americans traveling to North Korea is now in effect (Fox News)

Creepy Clown Sightings Could Return in 2017, Pennsylvania State Police Warn (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit presents unprecedented opportunities for Britain and the US (CNN)

Test driving VW's groovy electric van of tomorrow (CNN)

Why we're scared of the dark (CNN)

Ferrari may be ultimate barn find (CNN)

At least 22 killed in building collapse in India as rain wreaks havoc across South Asia (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico signals tougher stance on NAFTA, may pull out of talks if Trump moves to scrap deal (Los Angeles Times)

Why the German elections matter to the rest of the world (CNN)

Torched villages, dead civilians, squalid refugee camps: Myanmar's Rakhine state is caught in a cycle of horrific violence. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Iran says military sites are off-limits for nuclear inspections despite U.S. pressure (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. officials condemn North Korea's missile launch over Japan (Los Angeles Times)

As China and India tussle in South Asia, a pristine mountain kingdom is caught in the middle (Los Angeles Times)

Singapore has an idea to transform city life but there may be a privacy cost (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico says it won't renegotiate NAFTA with President Trump via Twitter (Los Angeles Times)