Friday, 15th September 2017

UK News

Explosion reported on District Line train at Parsons Green (Daily Mail)

Parsons Green: UK terror threat increased to critical after Tube bomb (BBC)

Parsons Green tube terror attack: Live updates as police say theyre chasing suspects after threat level raised to critical (Daily Mirror)

Leaked? Parsons Green terror police 'may have told Donald Trump identity of attacker' (Daily Star)

Man carrying knife stopped by police on Piccadilly Line in west London hours after Parsons Green attack (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green terror: Device was much bigger than Manchester attack bomb, expert warns (Daily Express)

Parsons Green: 'Crude' tube bomb 'failed significantly' (Daily Mail)

Man tries to use his cat to catch a rat - but it doesnt quite go to plan (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green tube explosion: Bomb blast in London leaves 29 injured in terror attack (Daily Express)

What does raising terror threat to critical mean? Theresa May puts soldiers on streets as attack is imminent (Daily Mirror)

Marco Pierre White Jr apologises for Parsons Green tweet (Daily Mail)

Witness says boy lost younger brother in London explosion (Daily Mail)

Furious protesters on the streets after police officer acquitted of the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith (Daily Mirror)

"Kirk looks like Elsa after a night out": Coronation Street fans cant stop laughing after Aidan and the gang dress up as women (Daily Mirror)

Fears missing 14-year-old girl could be with older man after she disappears from home (Daily Mirror)

Selfie queen caught with £350k-worth of cocaine in police sting (Daily Star)

Two attacked by Lyon man wielding hammer hours after Paris (Daily Mail)

UK Terror Threat Level Raised To Critical Following Parsons Green Explosion (Huffington Post)

Terror attack in Britain IMMINENT as threat level raised to CRITICAL (Daily Star)

Parsons Green terror: Theresa May warns attack is IMMINENT - threat level now CRITICAL (Daily Express)

"Dont stand there, call an ambulance!": Coronation Street fans worry about Rita after she COLLAPSES in the Rovers (Daily Mirror)

BREAKING: Acton Town Tube station closed as police swoop on 'man with a knife' (Daily Star)

Entire citys police force sacked after two teenagers are killed in an anti-drugs raid (Daily Mirror)

Acton Town Tube horror: Police swoop on man with knife hours after Parsons Green attack (Daily Express)

Boy, 15, stopped by police driving his four-year-old sister to school - and his dad was in the back seat (Daily Mirror)

ISIS claim responsibility for Parsons Green bucket bomb blast which injured 29 on Tube train (Daily Mirror)

BREAKING: ISIS claims responsibility for Parsons Green Tube bomb attack (Daily Star)

Parsons Green Terror Attack: Islamic State claims responsibility for tube bombing (Daily Express)

Parsons Green bucket bomb suspect has NOT been identified by CCTV, police confirm (Daily Mirror)

Bullet-resistant Jankel Guardian' anti-terror truck pictured pulling over London bus in wake of Parsons Green terror attack can withstand RPG blast (Daily Mirror)

May speaks with Trump after Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Mail)

Does Trump know? Parsons Green bomber 'identified on CCTV' but NOT named by police (Daily Star)

Boss of pub giant JD Wetherspoon threatens to call time on EU-made beers and coffee as he launches attack on "unelected oligarchs" (Daily Mirror)

Was Parsons Green the real target? Bomb could have been intended for major London stations including Paddington and Westminster (Daily Mirror)

Is this the youngest victim of Tube terror attack? Heartbreaking footage of injured boy carried from Parsons Green by firefighters (Daily Mirror)

Theresa May condemns 'cowardly' Parsons Green bombing (Daily Mail)

Chloe Green posts loved-up snap with beau Jeremy Meeks (Daily Mail)

Renovation Game star 'assaulted police in front of sons' (Daily Mail)

Parsons Green: Theresa May scolds Trump for terror tweets (BBC)

Parsons Green: Underground blast a terror incident, say police (BBC)

Security expert reveals what police need to do to stop terror attacks on Britains public transport (Daily Mirror)

Indian acid attack victim shares results of surgery (Daily Mail)

What we know so far about the Parsons Green bucket bomber after 22 injured in Tube train blast (Daily Mirror)

Cologne criticise security at Arsenal after both clubs charged by Uefa (BBC)

Cameron's terrorism U-TURN: Ex-PM warns of UK terror hotspots - which areas are affected? (Daily Express)

Cologne criticise ticket allocation and policing as they apologise for behaviour of fans at chaotic Arsenal clash (Daily Mirror)

'We need to be tougher' Donald Trump responds to Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Express)

Paul McClean's body found by local police in muddy lagoon (Daily Mail)

'This was a trial run' ISIS fanatics warn of BIGGER attack than Parsons Green bomb terror (Daily Star)

Parsons Green Terror Attack: Theresa May Slams Donald Trump's Reaction To Tube Explosion (Huffington Post)

Angry London cyclist leaves hilarious notes to thief (Daily Mail)

In pictures: Parsons Green Tube train 'terror' blast (BBC)

I Was The Most Hated Man In Australia (Huffington Post)

Robbie Williams angers his London neighbours again (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump vows he will call Theresa May as pair lock horns over London terror attack (Daily Star)

Trump gives speech on Parsons Green attack - is upstaged by boy, 11, drowning him out with lawnmower (Daily Mirror)

Road rage victim took photographs of suspect before being shot and killed - allowing police to identify alleged shooter (Daily Mirror)

Time for revenge!: ISIS supporters circulated timer bomb making manual two days before Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Mirror)

What time is Chelsea vs Arsenal? Live stream details, TV channel and more ahead of the London derby (Daily Mirror)

NYPD releases bodycam footage of cops fatally shooting man (Daily Mail)

ISIS called for train bombings WEEKS before Parsons Green tube attack (Daily Star)

Chloe Green gazes into Jeremy Meeks eyes in loved-up snap shared just hours after his estranged wife broke down (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green Terror Attack Prompts Search For 'Cowardly' Suspects (Huffington Post)

ISIS supporters celebrating Parsons Green Tube terror attack chillingly boast bucket bomb was TRIAL RUN for bigger attack thatll "rock London" (Daily Mirror)

Arsene Wenger claims any sanctions for Arsenal will be "completely unfair" after Cologne crowd trouble (Daily Mirror)

Pound hits highest since Brexit vote on rate rise speech (BBC)

Parsons Green terror attack: Theresa May scolds Donald Trump over 'unhelpful' comments (Daily Express)

LONDON TUBE EXPLOSION: First photos of homemade bomb used in Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Express)

Man jumps on Mercedes Benz bonnet to stop car thief (BBC)

London terror attack: Sick ISIS supporters CELEBRATE as 22 injured in Parsons Green (Daily Express)

Parsons Green terror video: Footage shows 'device' in flames inside District Line train (Daily Express)

Birmingham police taser city centre 'knifeman' in front of shocked crowds (Daily Express)

Sadiq Khan Has Got Better Things Do Than Worry About Donald Trump's London Comments (Huffington Post)

Brits on Magaluf stag do 'left for dead' after being set on by 20 thugs in SAVAGE attack (Daily Star)

Boris Johnson urges calm after Parsons Green explosion (Daily Mail)

Jose Mourinho calls on Man United fans to welcome Wayne Rooney as a legend - just not during Everton clash (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green terror: Commuters left 'crying and screaming' after Tube explosion - witness (Daily Express)

Parsons Green terror video: Moment emergency services arrive after blast injures 19 (Daily Express)

Parsons Green terror: Tube bomb was a 'catastrophic failure' by suspected terrorist (Daily Express)

London Fashion Week: Pam Hogg's Headgear Is Giving Us Major Marge Simpson De Pompadour Vibes (Huffington Post)

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte issues defiant message to fans after west London terror attack (Daily Mirror)

British man dies in Sri Lanka crocodile attack (BBC)

Tess Holliday And Hayley Hasselhoff Champion Body Confidence As London Fashion Week Kicks Off (Huffington Post)

Elite police Hercules' anti-terror squads deployed after Parsons Green bomb (Daily Star)

Parsons Green Improvised Explosive Device: What We Know So Far (Huffington Post)

Fears Tube bomb made from bucket and fairy lights was SAME used in Boston terror attack (Daily Star)

LONDON TERROR ATTACK: Police identify key suspect behind Parsons Green Tube explosion (Daily Express)

Chilling announcement by London Underground after bomb went off (Daily Mirror)

Vince Cable compares May to ex terror hostage Terry Waite (Daily Mail)

Arsenal launch full review into Cologne crowd trouble (Daily Mail)

Parsons Green terror: Met Police 'have NO IDEA' who bucket bomber is as manhunt underway (Daily Express)

London terror attack bomber WASN'T on Parsons Green Tube when explosion went off (Daily Star)

It took me straight back' Expert chillingly reminded of 7/7 bombing during London attack (Daily Star)

Parsons Green terror attack: Donald Trump brands bucket bomber 'a LOSER terrorist' (Daily Express)

Parsons Green terror: We must get this person today Expert warns more explosives possible (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Top official warns MORE bombs 'out there' after London Tube terror attack (Daily Star)

This Morning accused of not taking Parsons Green explosion seriously by sending consumer expert to the scene (Daily Mirror)

Donald Trump slams 'SICK and DEMENTED' terrorists after Tube bomb at Parsons Green (Daily Star)

Hundreds of panicked commuters scrambled to get out of Parsons Green after an explosion crushing schoolchildren and pregnant woman (Daily Mirror)

Man admits killing toddler Harlow Edwards in crash (BBC)

PARSONS GREEN TUBE EXPLOSION: Scores saved as bucket bomb FAILS - only detonator explodes (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Armed police surround bus in Chelsea following London terror attack (Daily Express)

Parsons Green Explosion Sees Londoners Offer Cups Of Tea (And Gin) To Those Affected (Huffington Post)

Parsons Green witness describes 'human crush' (BBC)

'Parsons Green NOT intended target' Fears bomb exploded BEFORE mass casualty attack (Daily Star)

Cops swoop on bus following Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Star)

Parsons Green Tube Explosion Eyewitnesses Reveal Terror Of Stampede (Huffington Post)

Start At Home To Protect Our Ageing Population's Future (Huffington Post)

London terror attack: Cops filmed swooping on SECOND bomb' after tube explosion (Daily Star)

London terror attack: Claims second bomb was at Parsons Green (Daily Express)

Parsons Green: Video shows burning bag on Tube (BBC)

Parsons Green terror attack: LIVE photos from the scene of London Tube explosion (Daily Express)

Parsons Green: Police cordon after Tube terror incident - Traffic chaos in West London (Daily Express)

Bored Panda pictures show pets bringing home bizarre gifts (Daily Mail)

Parsons Green explosion: First pictures of shocking injuries from Tube train terror attack (Daily Express)

Parsons Green Tube terror attack: Passengers injured after homemade bomb explodes on packed London Underground train during rush-hour (Daily Mirror)

Tories have handcuffed Theresa May to a radiator in a Beirut basement claims Lib Dem leader (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green explosion: Commuter chaos as west London grinds to a halt (Daily Express)

Parsons Green terror: Manhunt for bomber after reports of 2nd device (Daily Star)

Parsons Green: Aerial footage shows dazed commuters evacuated on train tracks after blast (Daily Express)

FIRST VID: Inside Parsons Green tube train as flaming bag with wires smoulders (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Commuter CHAOS in London after terror attack at Tube station (Daily Star)

Jeremy Meeks wife reveals hurt at being abandoned in favour of the billionaire life with Topshop heiress Chloe Green (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green explosion: Tube passengers 'covered in blood' as pics emerge of injuries (Daily Star)

Parsons Green eyewitnesss shocking injuries from explosion show charred forehead (Daily Mirror)

'Smell of burning' after explosion (BBC)

First video of Parsons Green Tube Lidl bag on fire moments after it exploded injuring passengers (Daily Mirror)

Parsons Green explosion: First picture of burning plastic container in Lidl bag with wires coming out on tube train (Daily Mirror)

Terrified Parsons Green eyewitnesses describe fireball flying down carriage as passengers jumped out the open door (Daily Mirror)

First video from Parsons Green explosion scene as witness as barricaded in her house says its like something from a film (Daily Mirror)

London 'bucket bomb' witness describes 'wall of flames' as cops confirm terror attack (Daily Star)

PICTURED: Bucket bomb used in Parsons Green terror attack (Daily Star)

Parsons Green Tube Station 'Bag Explosion' Declared Terrorist Incident By Police (Huffington Post)

Parsons Green explosion: Watch fire engines and ambulances scream to District Line station (Daily Star)

Parsons Green explosion: Bucket 'bomb' blast leaves 20 people injured in 'terror attack' (Daily Star)

Birthday boy Prince Harry to propose? Royal to join Meghan Markle in home town (Daily Star)

How your star sign reveals how to decorate your home (Daily Mail)

Arsenal release statement over Cologne crowd trouble as Gunners launch full review into night of shame (Daily Mirror)

Harrow Fire Stops Trains In And Out Of London Euston, Triggering Morning Rush Hour Chaos (Huffington Post)

Brexit Is A Huge Potential Threat To The British Music Industry - We Can't Mess This Up (Huffington Post)

Brits on stag do in Magaluf beaten and left for dead after sickening attack by gang of 20 (Daily Mirror)

Arsene Wenger reacts to night of shame at the Emirates following Cologne crowd trouble at Arsenal (Daily Mirror)

Sead Kolasinac trolls the Cologne fans with a message on his shirt after scoring for Arsenal in Europa League clash (Daily Mirror)

Cologne brought flares, passion and pandemonium but Arsenal did what was needed as the show went on (Daily Mirror)

Terrifying vid shows FIREBALL erupting in London as 58 firefighters tackle raging inferno (Daily Star)

Gold Coast man proposes with $85k ring through a cinema ad (Daily Mail)

Eurocrat charged with keeping Euro stable says EU will NOT punish UK over Brexit (Daily Express)

'We will stand by you' Rex Tillerson says US will throw weight behind Brexit Britain (Daily Express)

Arsenal vs FC Koln: Watch as German fans take over home stand at Emirates amid crowd chaos (Daily Star)

Bulldog spirit Rees-Mogg blasts EU chiefs saying UK won't 'roll over' in Brexit talks (Daily Express)

Businesses who backed REMAIN 'to bully UK Government into three year Brexit halt' (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Homes evacuated as huge blaze engulfs London building (Daily Star)

Newspaper headlines: Obese cookery classes and green belt threat (BBC)

Twitter users criticise 'disgraceful' Cologne fans (Daily Mail)

Arsenal kick-off delayed as Cologne fans fight with police (Daily Mail)

Childhood vaccines may go into one jab (BBC)

BBC Question Time's Return Proved the Brexit Debate Is Still Rubbish (Huffington Post)

BBC Question Time: Will Self Launches Fierce Attack On Ministers Leading Brexit Talks (Huffington Post)

Terror police dogs: British canines become first to be trained to catch jihadis (Daily Express)

Calum Best leaves Celebs Go Dating fans FUMING when he commits the ultimate offence (Daily Mirror)

Memorable Alexis Sánchez goal for Arsenal against Cologne brightens up a Europa League night to forget (Daily Mirror)

FC Cologne fans flood London (BBC)

Florida man lets 70 foster children stay at his home (Daily Mail)

South Park episode sets off viewers' Alexa and Google Home (Daily Mail)

Arsenal Vs FC Koln Finally Kicks Off After Violence Sparked By Thousands Of Ticketless German Fans (Huffington Post)

UK and EU firms to urge faster Brexit deal (BBC)

Brexit battle: May faces fight with Bercow as Speaker warns he will call 'toxic' votes (Daily Express)

Brexit Briefing: If Dan Brown Did Brexit... (Huffington Post)

Ellen Higginbottom Murder: Mark Buckley Sentenced To 31 Years In Prison For 'Chilling' Attack (Huffington Post)

Ringo Starr says people voted for Brexit so "get on with it" (BBC)

Westminster Bridge attack policeman gets help from DIY SOS (Daily Mail)

Theresa May tells police 'you've had a good deal' over pay (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to travel to Florence to deliver Brexit speech (Daily Mail)

Fewer women staying at home to look after family (Daily Mail)

'Most PATHETIC excuse I have heard' Anger as Sturgeon blames BREXIT for schools crisis (Daily Express)

UCL round-up: Spartak fans almost hit referee with flare (Daily Mail)

More than 20,000 evacuated across Moscow after bomb threat (Daily Mail)

Theresa May slams unions over illegal strikes threat (Daily Mail)

Hardened London commuters upset over green Tube markings (Daily Mail)

Londoner buys Caribbean home days before Irma destroys it (Daily Mail)

'Gargantuan' Brexit will define May's Government (Daily Mail)

Indian girl may have been raped by more than one man (Daily Mail)

Parallel London 2017: Incredible stories of four families (BBC)