Friday, 15th September 2017

Weird News

Man who sent Hannibal Lecter photo to judge to go on trial (

End of the World coming but September 23 is NOT the date to trigger the Rapture (Daily Express)

Man and his cat try to chase a rat out of a bathroom – the rat wins (Metro)

END OF THE WORLD September 23: Bible prophecy that 'proves' solar eclipse was a sign (Daily Express)

Woman reacts to sudden appearance of naked feet on her armrest (Metro)

What is the Rapture? Shock end of world prophecy set for September 23 (Daily Express)

End of the World: THESE Bible texts prove' the APOCALYPSE is coming on September 23 (Daily Express)

Tall tail: Record-setting cats share home near Detroit (

Man nods off while rolling cigarette at festival… then something amazing happens (Metro)

Dr Pimple Popper’s favorite video ever will make you cry and gag at the same time (Metro)

Man couldn’t get an erection after being scratched by a cat (Metro)

Prancing pony wins first ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards (Metro)

End of the world - Was arrival of Nibiru predicted 1,000 years ago in ancient prophecy? (Daily Express)

PLANET X: Scientists say rogue planet IS at EDGE of solar system (Daily Express)

NIBIRU IS COMING: Shock warning it is 'time to PREPARE' for Doomsday planet (Daily Express)

End of the World on September 23, 2017: Shock Bible prophecy warns The Rapture is COMING (Daily Express)

End of the world: 'North Korean nuclear strikes, asteroids and apocalypse' on SEPTEMBER 23 (Daily Express)

Nibiru APOCALYPSE? Planet X passing will fulfil 2,000 year prophecy and DESTROY Earth' (Daily Express)

Marijuana may produce psychotic-like effects in high-risk individuals (

What on earth is this terrifying eyeless sea creature? (Metro)

END OF THE WORLD: 'Jesus set to return September 23 for RAPTURE and these are the signs' (Daily Express)

Finn the dog is running for mayor in Canadian city (Metro)

China's richest man does Michael Jackson dance routine (BBC)

Earthquake faults may have played key role in shaping the culture of ancient Greece (

Biggest ever fatberg 250 metres long weighing 130 tonnes discovered under London (Metro)

Woman thought she had been burgled – but it was actually the dog (Metro)

Woman pushes girl into fountain in drunk fight over cigarettes (Metro)

'Vampires' may have been real people with this blood disorder (

Something to sneeze about: Democratic voting in African wild dog packs (

The Bridport Hat festival is easily the most ridiculous festival in the world (Metro)

Russian couple find road built through their home (BBC)

Man sets new world record for wearing massive beard made of bees (Metro)

First hints of possible water content on TRAPPIST-1 planets (

How Neanderthals made the very first glue (

Man accused of licking woman’s toes says DNA on her foot was from sneezing (Metro)

Beekeeper sits on hive for £500 bet and says it was easiest money he’s ever earned (Metro)

What lit up the universe? Black holes may have punctured darkened galaxies, allowing light to escape (

Understanding ancient geometric earthworks in southwestern Amazonia (

Robot probes mystery of prehistoric sea creature's swimming style (

Australian channel apologises for 'racist' rugby video (BBC)

New ancient sea reptile found in Germany, the earliest of its kind (

High-dimensional quantum encryption performed in real-world city conditions for first time (

Scientists take first snapshots of a molecular propeller that runs at 100 degrees Celsius (

Chinese man treats 5,000 to noodles after ring recovered (BBC)

Strange Gelatinous Sea Creatures Invade Calif. Coast (NBC News)

She's Huge and Homely: Meet the World's Ugliest Dog (NBC News)

Meet the World's Ugliest Dog for 2017 (NBC News)

Woman on Phone Falls Through Open Sidewalk Doors (NBC News)

Jeep Slams Into Home After Going Airborne (NBC News)

Milwaukee Woman Jumps on Hood to Stop Carjackers (NBC News)

Woman Locked in CVS While Trying to Buy Card (NBC News)

Dramatic Video Captures Sea Lion Dragging Girl Into Water (NBC News)

Dog Caught on Camera Stealing Bread from Store (NBC News)

Florida Man Crashes Into Fire Hydrant and Drowns (NBC News)